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As an indie musician, booking gigs is a tiresome process. Late nights, unreturned calls, frustration. The INTERNATIONAL BOOKING AGENTS DIRECTORY takes the pain and hassle out of finding gigs by setting you up with the knowledge and contacts you need to hire the right booking agent who will help propel your music career to new heights!

The INTERNATIONAL BOOKING AGENTS DIRECTORY is an E-BOOK in PDF format. It works on ALL computers, smartphones and personal devices.

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Find gigs all around the globe. Our directory can help you to find gigs in music venues, clubs, festivals, colleges, concert halls, restaurants, weddings, casinos, private parties, corporate events and more! The INTERNATIONAL BOOKING AGENTS DIRECTORY also features an entire section of agencies that specialize in booking artists on CRUISE SHIPS.

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Listings are sorted by GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION. Each listing has full contact information including physical address, phone number, contact name, e-mail address, web address, Facebook and Twitter. Each listing also has A LIST OF GENRES that the booking agent works with. Plus, every listing has a list of all the CITIES, STATES or COUNTRIES in which they book artists.

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This free guide contains valuable insider info that will save you tons of time and stress. Written by industry experts, it offers valuable insights on all the key areas of booking gigs, playing live and touring.

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The INTERNATIONAL BOOKING AGENTS DIRECTORY was created by the good people at the INDIE BIBLE. Having spent THOUSANDS of hours gathering this information we are confident that no matter what genre you fit into we can provide the information that will help you to reach your goals. The INTERNATIONAL BOOKING AGENTS DIRECTORY was created for musicians by musicians.

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